Rotterdam Summer (Limited Edition) Rotterdam Summer Rotterdam Summer (detail)
Rotterdam Summer (Limited Edition) Rotterdam Summer Rotterdam Summer (detail)
Rotterdam Summer (2016), Peter Hofland (Limited Edition)
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High-quality Giclée Print by Peter Hofland. The work is printed with archival ink on Hanhemühle paper. Dimensions: 50x40 cm. This edition is limited to 100 prints and is signed by the artist.

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About Peter Hofland
The Dutch urban artist Peter Hofland got relatively known for his typical work about his hometown Rotterdam. He has a distinctive style; colourful and direct, recognizable. He has worked in commission for big companies such as like Unilever, KPN, Robeco and E-on. Apart from Rotterdam, Peter's subjects are big cities in general, the multi-culture, the Dutch royals, travel impressions and Christian faith. He searches for beauty, purity and harmony and a better world. His work is positioned between impressionism and pop art.


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