Roest 6 (2013), Hellen Jeronimus (Art Print)
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Photo by Hellen Jeronimus printed on high-quality paper, 350 gr/m2. The work shows an abstract detail of a corroding object, with blue and brown tones.

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This work has a 3:2 proportion.
The Art Print measures 20x30 cm (width x height) and can also be ordered in a passe-partout, in acid-free museum quality.
When you order a work with a 40x30 cm passe-partout, the dimensions of the Art Print are 30x20 cm and the edges are approximately 5 cm wide. 
When you order the work in a A4-size passe-partout, the dimensions of the Art Print are 21x14 cm and the edges are approximately 4 cm wide. 
About Hellen Jeronimus
Hellen’s passion for photography emerged during her long-year work in travel business. After having finished her professional photographical education in Rotterdam, she did a lot of commissioned work in portrait and product photography. In her autonomous work, Hellen focuses on her favourite subjects nature, shipping industry, industrial buildings and city.

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