KAS 1 (2011) Serie KAS Serie KAS KAS 1 (2011)
KAS 1 (2011) Serie KAS Serie KAS KAS 1 (2011)
KAS 1 (2011), Sebastian van Damme (Limited Edition)
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Photo by Sebastian van Damme printed in a limited edition of 30 prints. Pictured are Dutch greenhouses between a small piece of green and a great light blue sky.

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€ 120,00
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This work can be ordered in the following qualities:

Fine Art Print | Edition of 15 prints | 60x40 cm | €120
This Limited Edition is printed on Hanhemühle Photo Rag paper. The image itself is slightly smaller than the paper, resulting in a white edge of approximately 2 cm.

Print on Dibond | Edition of 10 prints | 90x90 cm | €500
In this quality, the work is directly printed on a dibond panel, generating a very clear impression. No frame is required.

Photo behind acrylic glass | Edition of 5 prints | 150x100 cm | €1500
In this qualtity, the work is printed on Photo paper and glued onto a dibond panel, which makes the work very stable. After this, the work is put behind an acrylic glass of approximately 3 mm. This protects the work and delivers a very brilliant quality. A frame is not required.

All Limited Editions come with a certificate.

About Sebastian van Damme
Sebastian van Damme is a photographer, inspired from within the architecture world. Through his understanding of process, architecture and urbanism he excels in envisioning the beauty of the built/unbuilt environment. This has to be understood in a broad sense as his work manifests.
"As we relocate ourselves from one place to another, architecture and its spatial inversion can be seen as the preconditions of our daily life, intensified by the weather. Sometimes this is highlighted by remarkable designs and sometimes the non-descript environment has its own sudden beauty. Together they are my inspiration."

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