Collateral Image 24 (2007), Baijg (Art Print)
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Photo by Baijg printed on high-quality paper, 350 gr/m2. Pictured is a blue canteen-like room with a bookcase, an old soft drink machine and posters of distant places.

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This work has a 3:2 proportion.
The Art Print measures 30x20 cm (width x height) and can also be ordered in a passe-partout, in acid-free museum quality.
When you order a work with a 40x30 cm passe-partout, the dimensions of the Art Print are 30x20 cm and the edges are approximately 5 cm wide.  
When you order the work in a A4-size passe-partout, the dimensions of the Art Print are 21x14 cm and the edges are approximately 4 cm wide. 
About Baijg
Baijg is photographer and scout for movie projects. On the road, roaming for potential sites for movies, he stumbles upon scenes that strike him. These are often edgy places, full of contrast, somewhere in-between inside and outside.

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