WUUDY Blijdorp Ansichtkaarten (Speciale Editie van 6 kaarten)
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Mooi verpakte set van 6 kaarten met grafische prints van architectuur en kunst in Diergaarde Blijdorp, van Sybold van Ravesteyn, Leendert Bolle, LAM Architects en Arc2 Architecten.

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Rivièrahal, Diergaarde Blijdorp - Rotterdam Zoo 1939-1941. Sybold van Ravesteyn
The Riviera Hall was designed as the main building of the zoo and is located near the original entrance. Its central hall housed a wintergarden and as its name suggests, was intended to give visitor’s a taste of the French Riviera. As well as accommodating exotic plants and animals such as reptiles, elephants and apes, the Riviera Hall was a place where visitors could experience fine dining.

Leeuwenverblijf, Diergaarde Blijdorp - Rotterdam Zoo 1939-1941. Sybold van Ravesteyn
The building was designed by architect Sybold van Ravensteyn as the giraffe house and formed part of his total plan for the zoo. In 2015 it was renovated and adapted to accommodate the zoo’s Asiatic lions, meeting improved modern standards for animal welfare. Asiatic lions are an endangered species of lion, found today only in the Gir National Park in India.

Dierlijke Beelden, Diergaarde Blijdorp / Rotterdam Zoo 1940. Leendert Bolle
Six artists, including Bolle, were commissioned by Ravesteyn to create decorative elements within the total design for the zoo. One of Bolle’s contributions is a series of 7 animal figures, finished in gold paint and located onto of the tall pillars within the fence of the original zoo entrance. These were restored in 2010 along with the fence and entrance kiosks.

Giraffe Beeld, Diergaarde Blijdorp - Rotterdam Zoo 1940. Leendert Bolle
The giraffe sculpture sits atop a colonnade between two buildings, each the mirror image of the other. Originally designed to accommodate the zoo’s giraffes and a tea room, this architectural composition was part of Sybold van Ravensteyn’s total design for the zoo. It is one of the zoo’s many architectural monuments and has been carefully renovated and adapted to accommodate the lion house, a restaurant and terrace.

Savannehuis, Diergaarde Blijdorp / Rotterdam Zoo 2008. LAM architects
The forms and materials used in the Savannah House are inspired by the African savannah and the village buildings found in this landscape. The building is designed to be sustainable. It’s heated passively by the sun and collects rainwater. Visitors enter the building and view the giraffes from a height of 2,7m, encountering each other close up and face to face.

Amazonica, Diergaarde Blijdorp / Rotterdam Zoo 2013. Arc2 architecten
Amazonica is a timber geodesic dome. In geodesic domes a pattern of triangles is used to form a structure that is long spanning, stable and lightweight. Transparent foil cushions fill the structure and are kept under pressure by being continuously pumped with air. The cushions allow an optimal penetration of UV rays and warmth, which are essential for the health of the rainforest biotope on display.

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