Urban Pattern - red Art Prints by Jack Hoogeboom
Urban Pattern - red Art Prints by Jack Hoogeboom
Urban Pattern – red (2014), Jack Hoogeboom (Art Print)
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Graphic work by Jack Hoogeboom printed on high-quality paper, 350 gr/m2. The image shows an abstract urban pattern in red colour shades.

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This work has a 1:1 proportion.
The Art Print measures 30x20 cm (width x height) with the image itself measuring 20x20 cm. The work can also be ordered in a passe-partout in acid-free museum quality, in the sizes 30x30 cm, 40x30 cm and A4 (29,7x21 cm).
When you order the work in a A4-size passe-partout, the dimensions of the image are 14x14 cm and the edges are approximately 4 cm and 8 cm wide respectively. 
About Jack Hoogeboom
Jack Hoogeboom is fascinated by the meaning of the image in planning and design. (When) is the drawing or map a representation of an idea or concept, or an idea or concept in itself?
Jack is the founder of IMAGE OF THE CITY.

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