De Rotterdam (2017) Art Prints - Thijs van Luijk
De Rotterdam (2017) Art Prints - Thijs van Luijk
De Rotterdam (2017), Thijs van Luijk (Art Print)
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Photo of De Rotterdam building by Thijs van Luik printed on high-quality paper, 350 gr/m2. Two Rotterdam icons in one image. The first one directly, the second through reflection.

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Art Prints are printed on high-quality paper (350 gr/m2)
The Art Print measures 30x20 cm (width x height).
The work can also be ordered in a 40x30 passe-partout, in acid-free museum quality. Or as a small print in a A4-sized passe-partout.

About Thijs van Luijk
Thijs has been working in photography for many years. His photographical work was fueled massively by his studies in urbanism at TU Delft. Rotterdam, with its fast and turbulent development, is the ideal city to work in. To capture these in a way as attractive as possible, with respect to the "spirit of the place", is his biggest challenge.

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